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No packaging or printingNo packaging or printing

No post office tripsNo post office trips

No more missed refundsNo more missed refunds

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Streamlined returns

Get your items picked up from your door with ReturnQueen

How it works


Add items you want to return

Snap a quick photo of your items, give us the key info, and let us know when your returns are due.

Add items you want to return

Upload your PUDOpoint label

Share your PUDOpoint labels in just a few clicks, and match them to your returns.

Upload your PUDOpoint label

Schedule a pickup

Let us know what date and time you'd like our drivers to pick your items up, and then leave them outside on pickup day! No packaging, printing or driving needed.


Track your return from pickup to shipment

We'll keep you updated every step of the way, from pickup right through to refund.

Upload your PUDOpoint label

Returns just got a whole lot easier

Say goodbye to endless post office trips