How ReturnQueen Ruled The ProductHunt Leaderboard: A Behind-The-Scenes Look at Our ‘Top 3’ Launch

At the end of last month, the ReturnQueen app finally made its way onto Product Hunt. And we are absolutely thrilled to announce that on launch day, we made it to a top spot on the leaderboard

ReturnQueen's app on ProductHunt's Top 3

Get ready for some exciting news! At the end of last month, the ReturnQueen app finally made its way onto Product Hunt. And we are absolutely thrilled to announce that on launch day, we made it to a top spot on the leaderboard (with over 350 votes - that’s three times above average!) and were crowned a top 3 ‘Product of the Day’ 👑

Even more exciting was the fact that we were just one vote away from second place! And with so many other incredible products launching on the same day as us, that’s no small feat. We may have just missed out on that silver medal, but we're still beaming with pride over what we’ve achieved!

It’s safe to say that ReturnQueen is already causing a stir in the Product Hunt community, as we’ve been overwhelmed by the interest and messages we’ve received in the days following our launch. We couldn’t be more grateful for the excited response we’ve had, or more grateful to our purple army for helping us make it happen 💜

Of course, we didn’t get to where we are now without a whole lot of preparation and hard work from the team. So, in honor of our ‘top 3’ leaderboard position, we wanted to share with you our top 3 tips for a successful Product Hunt launch, and what we did behind the scenes to prepare for it:

  1. Plan your launch strategy well in advance

We won’t sugarcoat it - launching a product on Product Hunt requires a lot of careful prep and planning. The ReturnQueen team started planning our launch weeks in advance, preparing marketing copy and imagery that would reflect our branding, catch people’s attention and quickly summarize all the key benefits of our app - in just a few short sentences!

Prepping this marketing material was no easy feat, but after plenty of group planning sessions, we managed to create assets that effectively communicated the value of our app:

ReturnQueen assets on ProductHunt
ProductHunt visual assets

Shoutout to our amazing designers for turning around these awesome designs!

While we were creating all these assets, we promoted the launch on all our social media channels, from Instagram and Twitter to Facebook and LinkedIn, and were thrilled to see so many of our followers clicking through to our Product Hunt page. We also sent out an email to our loyal customers, and even reached out to friends, family and our wider network to ask for their support with the launch.

We’re confident that our amazing, active ReturnQueen social community was a big part of our success on launch day, along with our new followers from various Product Hunt Whatsapp and Telegram groups. Thank you to everyone who got involved!

By planning well in advance, we were able to generate buzz and excitement about our launch, which contributed to our success on the day.

2. Engage with your audience on launch day

Product Hunt is all about building a community around your app, and engaging with people on the day of your launch is key to achieving this.

We made sure to engage with everyone who left a comment or question about our app, thanking them for their support and answering all their questions. We had over 50 comments and questions on our product page by the end of the day, so our whole team pitched in to respond to everyone.

Engaging audience on ProductHunt

By taking the time to properly engage with our audience, we were able to build relationships with potential users, who were more likely to download our app and recommend it to others.

3. Leverage your success

A successful Product Hunt launch can be a real boost for your app's visibility and downloads. We were happy to see a notable increase in traffic to our website, social media follows, and in-app downloads as a result of our Product Hunt launch.

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve made sure to thank everyone who supported us on the day and to continue engaging with our audience through social media and email.

By keeping our audience engaged, we were able to build on the momentum of our Product Hunt launch and continue to grow our purple community. And we’re so pleased to have so many lovely new people joining the returns revolution!

Watch this space

Overall, our success was due to a combination of factors, including letting our followers know when and how to vote, engaging with our audience throughout the day, and presenting our product clearly and effectively.

But most importantly, aside from all this strategy, preparation and hard work, I think it helped that we have a truly amazing product which is already helping so many people save time and money on their returns.

I think the passion of our whole team - as well as the excitement of our loyal customers who already use and love the app - really shone through and got the ball rolling during our Product Hunt launch. And the momentum hasn’t stopped - this is just the beginning for us!

We're excited to keep building and improving our app, helping even more people to enjoy faster, easier returns. Thanks for joining us on this incredible journey!