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there are teams, there are families, and then there are royal families. we work together to achieve the extraordinary. yes, there are set roles, but we chip in for each other because that’s what family does.

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there is no such thing as staying complacent. we’re on a mission to change the face of online shopping. we do that by learning from our successes and failures. the drive and creativity of our team is in the air.

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you work for us -- your genius makes a difference. and we recognize every accomplishment. we settle for positive vibes only, and the passion and energy in our team is electric.

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Stop dreading Monday mornings. Our associates actually enjoy coming to work every day, because while we believe in excellence and perseverance, we also think that plain old-fashioned fun is as important.

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We know how to treat our employees right. You get a competitive pay package. Medical, dental, and vision benefits? Check! Company-paid holidays? Check! Generous paid time off? Checkity check!

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Working on an island is no fun. We collaborate like a family and our results show it. Expect to make some meaningful friendships that last long after 5:00 PM comes ‘round.
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