not your average fairy tale.

meet the team

pile of returns sitting
in the corner sound familiar?

It’s the errand that gets bumped to the bottom of the list every. single. time.


we’re two local new york women, and we were determined to do something about this always annoying chore.

It occurred to us…

…what if we could create a system that would make returns stress-free? Our brains started working some serious overtime. Dozens of coffees downed, endless sleepless nights, and more grey hairs than we would like to admit later, ReturnQueen was born. January 2021, the official launch of the ReturnQueen app. Boom.
Just like that, online shopping is now headache-free.

Go ahead and order six sizes of that graphic tee, three pairs of bunny pajamas, and two of the most beautiful lamps you have ever seen.

As long as you keep shopping, we’ll keep returning.

All you do is download the app.

from our busy lifestyle to yours, we’ve brought you the solution to making online returns stress-free.

our mission.

Not only should you be able to buy what you want, but you should be able to return what you want— without the headache. download the app

the team

meet some of the key team members.
aka the awesome minds that make this happen.

melissa s. vice president of growth

melissa s.

vice president of growth

a jersey girl at heart, melissa practically grew up in the retail industry.

ball of energy. don’t even bother trying to keep up.

always 10 steps ahead.

talk to her about charcuterie boards.

deliriously proud dance mom.

mary g. vice president of strategy

mary g.

vice president of strategy

a dynamic and strategic retail veteran.

long-standing record of successes across the retail/wholesale landscape.

loves her nj beach living.

wouldn’t give up her family and friends for anything.

looking for mary? you’ll find her hiking. #nature

mallory g. vice president of marketing

mallory k.

vice president of marketing

friend to all things small and cute. you can find her making friends with stray cats.

yes, those are her real eyelashes.

can recite every line of “the office.”

used to own a children’s clothing brand!

lived in jolly old london for a year.

lauren w. office manager

lauren w.

office manager

radiates light, instant smiles and positive energy when you are greeted by lauren.

organized? her standards are pretty high, step up.

loves working out, hiking and all things outdoors, but the weather better be warm! #hatesthecold

boop! she is a massive Schitts Creek fan- who isn't?

proud momma and wife.

Eizik G. & Product Manager

eizik g.

developer & product manager

born in london

now lives in ny and thrives on the hustle

family man with two adorable kids

spare time? it’s gonna be guitar

the most easygoing guy you’ll find, he never gets rattled by pressure.

manu a. lead engineer

manu a.

lead engineer

originally from alappuzha, a small town in the southern state of india.

always held a passion for problem-solving.

for the last three years, he’s been a self-proclaimed nomad, living in many exotic places.

now finds himself in tallinn, Estonia.

world traveler

antonio f. warehouse manager

antonio f.

warehouse manager

a bronx native now living in lincoln park, nj.

educated at big box management.

big-time motorcycle aficionado.

for fun, he builds choppers and collects spray paint.

loves all types of music, particularly 50’s and 60’s rock and roll.

david w. qa tester

david w.

qa tester

loves hockey.

went to school for video game design.

he’s a very chilled out guy. did we mention super patient?

loves the caffeine.

always learning..kind of like an evolving robot that takes over the world.

kevin w. software engineer

kevin w.

software engineer

known to be a tik-toker. we don’t judge, kevin.

is the official office snack monster.

enjoys an occasional basketball game.

lover of puzzles.

he’s big on exploring new places.

returns from your couch.

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